This is the home of all the stories and poems that my mind has created over the years.

The main story here is of course the one given this site its name, Beyond Love Existence, which is a novel about a young woman in named Fei-Fan Chang who lives peacefully on Xion’s islands and one night starts dreaming about stories that her grandfather used to tell her when she was a little girl, before events in her life reveals that not all stories are made up. This story has been part of my life for a very long time and is nowhere ready to get down on paper yet but hopefully soon my mind will have won over my fingers so they can reach the keyboard and write it down.

The second story I have here is my story named Dear… which is completly different from Beyond love existence. Iit is the story about Liv who is going to get married with her husband Niklas in a year and she wants to write a diary about the ups and downs doing that year but the universe has other plans than marriage for her. I finished it the 21. of April 2021 after a month of writing and starting 1. of August 2021 I am writing it the sequel Dear Reckoning. My August and September has been quiet busy so expect to start again 20. September and 1. November I expect to finish it.

I have also been written a few short stories some poems and even a few reviews when I enjoy something a lot.

Before I let you explore my world, I would like to say thanks to everyone who has helped me so far and would not have done it without them. If you every find my stories out in the wild and someone asking for money for them then please tell me as I would never ask for money for my stories as I only try to give my stories to the world.

If this page is not feeling at home for you then I am Reddit, Twitter, Discord and Goodreads