This is my home of fantasy, which I use to create stories both short and long ones together with poems and a few reviews.

The main stories are:

Beyond love existence will be a story about a young woman named Fei-Fan Chang who lives on the Xion’s islands when someone attacks her town, forcing her to flew all she has ever know to bring a message to the emperor himself to save the kingdom. This story is on paper yet and has been since 2008, but is the main reason for all of this started.

Dear… and Dear reckoning are the diaries of Liv, a young strong woman who is supposed to get married with her husband Niklas in a year so she decides to write a diary about the days until then but the universe has other plans for her. Both books were writing and published doing 2021 so check out both on ‘The Dear series‘ pages for everything including downloads.

The purple party is my latest idea and will be a story about Angela, a refugee in Denmark, telling the story about how she lost both her country and love of her dreams in less than a year. The first chapter was published 20. May 2022, but check out The purple party here for more info.

Thanks to all the people in my life who has given me strenght and infomation to make these great stories and future ones.

My books will always be free as I am only doing this for my own pleasure and that I want the world to read and known other stories than those from Hollywood and whatever.

If this page is not feeling at home for you then I am Reddit, Twitter, Discord and Goodreads