This is the home of Beyond love existence or rather it would have been if my mind and fingers could work together and do this amazing story so you my dear folks could read it. In the meantime, I have manged to write quite a lot of other works which spans from other novels to my poems and a few short stories as well which you together with Beyond love existence can find on my craft page.

As I do not want to update my website every 5 minutes when my mind has gotten an idea or similar, I have found a software called craft which allows me to show you my progress in real-time, so if the web design changes that is why but my finished novels, poems and short stories will all be here on this website.

If you find a place where they sell my books, please contact me as I have no plans of selling my stuff and just want to share my stories with the world for free.

If this page is not feeling at home for you then I am also on Reddit, Twitter, Discord and Goodreads