Beyond Love Existence

Rewritten again

Hello Anyone

My mind has thought the whole story though once more and got a weird feeling telling me that it is not my story so have rewritten it once more. My problems with the other idea was that I found it weird to write about dragons and such when they are powerful and my idea name was Beyond Love Existence which to me did not fit. I might return with dragons another time but for now this is my story and it is only one book. I will not write on it the next few days before I am sure it is what I want and it might get sequels later too but feels I am wasting too much time on getting ideas instead of writing the books itself.

You can read the idea here, characters here and see the cover and first chapter name here, will add the rest as I progress on the story.

The way I will give you the story is

  1. Parts – Spelling mistake can happen and will not be checked and no PDF file
  2. Chapters – Spelling mistakes on mimium as I will check and a PDF file for download
  3. Book – Will edit and check the all in the end and a PDF file for download plus maybe ePub and Kindle

Cannot wait to start but don’t want to ruin the story or burn out after so many new ideas lately.

See you around and thanks for following me, will try to post more often now.

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