Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 1

The sky were full of stars and not a single wind to ruin it. Two horse slowed down in front of a mighty gate to the emperor’s palace. The ridders stood off the horse and quickly some men came and took care of the horse while others opened the door for them. It was Jiang Chen, prince of the emperor and Xiao Chang, his most trusted friend and bodyguard. They walked though the halls and rooms in the palace until they reached a heavily guarded room, the guards quickly noticed who they were and stepped a side before opening the door. The room was dark, only light up by the moon light from outside. The room was empty except for a man and a bed. “Nice to see you, brother Shi Chen” The standing man looked at the men and did not say a word but another dry coughing voice replied “Is… it… you… Jiang Chen?” And quickly Jiang Chen moved to the bed and bent over the man while holding his cold hands. “Yes, father it is me… can I bring you anything?” The eyes of the old man in the bed meet Jiang Chen. “No… As long as you are here, then nothing else matters.”

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