Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 2

A silence followed and the only sound heard was an owl outside in the moonlight hunting. Shi Chen broke the silence “Do you mind sending out Xiao Chang, so we can be alone when father dies?” He asked in simple voice that was not sure if it should sound sad or angry. Xiao Chang bowed to the men and left before Jiang Chen could say a word. “It is getting dark in here” Bai Chen replied and started to held the hand of Jiang Chen tighter and Shi Chen started to move closer to his father from the other side too. “I love you both so very much even… it was hard for me to loose your mother when she gave birth to Jiang Chen” Tears started to fill the three mens eyes as they all knew that this would be the last night they had together. “I… have… a… final request” Bai Chen managed to say as his breath got more and more heavy.