Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 3

“I… I… am giving…. The kingdom to you…” “Yes father, we know that the kingdom to me” Shi Chen broke in. Bai Chen closed his eyes for too long after Jiang Chen mind to return so he turned against Shi Chen and yelled “You prevented father from speaking his last words”, Shi Chen was prepared and yelled back “Maybe, but at least you got here before he died while I have been with him the past week” Jiang Chen was about to yell back once more when he felt his father hand trying to make him stop. “I… am… not death… yet, you fouls” Bai Chen broke in and continued “You act like a group of babies trying to get the last toy…” “Sorry father” Shi Chen and Jiang Chen said in unison voice while there were still lightning shooting between their eyes. “As… I was trying to say… I am giving the kingdom to… Jiang Chen instead of you, Shi Chen… because you always have been so power hungry” Shi Chen’s face became more and more red and yelled “How could you” but before his words had left his mouth was Bai Chen breathing gone and his eyes closed a last time. “I cannot believe it” Shi Chen continued.