Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 4

Jiang Chen focused on his father and blocked out every sound and noise coming from Shi Chen. His eyes grew bigger while getting filled with tears both of pride of his father’s decision and his death. Outside the room where Xiao Chang talking with the guards while enjoying the quiet and not being part of the mess inside the room. “I think the old lord is death now” he said to the gaurd and continued “Maybe you should go get the priest…” he wanted to say more but his senses started alarming and instead he opened the door with such power that it ruin the hands and he had to throw it on the ground to be able to pull his sword. The guards tried to stop him as they had no idea what he were doing but the only one high sound where heard “clank” and the next was a mix of screams in pain and anger. Jiang Chen looked up from his father and noticed the sword for a guard entering the side of Xiao Chang while Xiao Chang’s sword had missed his back with a few inches. “What happe…” he managed to say before another clank were heard and he turned around and noticed it was Shi Chen who tried to strike him down.