Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 5

“Our father has been death for less than a minute and now you are already trying to kill me, your own brother, just because father gave me, your position” Jiang Chen replied and looked blaming at his brother who was having fire in his eyes who calm for a second while he answer “I am sorry, brother… where are my manners… hand over the title of emperor to me and I promise to let you, your family and that dog Xiao Chang leave the palace alive” Jiang Chen was about to give it so thought but before he could even answer the fire in Shi Chen’s eyes returned and he striked again and this time he had the former guards on his side so they tried taken care of Xiao Chang by attacking him even more. Xiao Chang looked for a second at his best friend and now emperor who gave him a nod in acceptance and just as the first blood for his wound hit the wooden floor he spun around and started fighting while Jiang Chen pulled his and got ready to fight his brother.