Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 6

The swords started clanking against each other like small fire works and even that Xiao Chang was hurt, he did a great job defending himself and Jiang Chen. “Why can we not be friends and I am sure this was why father did not want you to have any power.” Jiang Chen yelled of Shi Chen and continued fighting while the once clear sky had turned completely dark and rain falling in heavy drops. “You have both broken my heart and I do not want to be part of this family anymore” A guard fell death to the ground so now it was more fair teams but the fight was far form over. Suddenly the room was light up by a lightning and for a second the rain stopped before an ear deafening thunder rolled across the sky. “Guards” yelled Shi Chen in hope of getting more help and Xiao Chang looked worried at Jiang Chen but as the next guards entered where loyal to Bai Chen so they could not make themselves hurt a son of him. “Attack them” Shi Chen yelled of the guards who just stood still and even the guard that had been fighting at his side moments before had stopped and was just watching him with his sword on the ground. “They killed the emperor Bai Chen” which made even Jiang Chen about to speak up in return but the guards just kept still and looked at him.