Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 7

“Shi Chen, you are hereby arrested for treason against the former emperor and the new one… I suggest you follow me quietly or you might not see the sun again” the highest guard said before he pulled his sword. Shi Chen could not believe his eyes, he has been the next in line less than an hour ago and now he was taken away like some animal just because he could not handle that his younger brother was the new ruler. But he decides to follow as commanded. “I will return and take my rightful place brother and you, Xiao Chang, will be placed in the darkest cell I can find and then you will stay there with your family” The guards just looked at Shi Chen ignoring his words. “I did not ask for this brother” Jiang Chen answered and look him directly in the eyes. “I did not know anything about our father’s plans but I can see why he did it as your hunger for power is as much as a normal mans need for air… Guards would you mind taking him away and makes sure his son is also taken the same place” The highest guard nodded and they continued out of the room when suddenly An Chen walked past with Jun Chen in her hands without knowing anything about the events that had just happened. “Jiang Chen, come here and help me make your son sleep again… No wait stop” but it was too late Shi Chen has taken a sword form a guard and was now holding it against a terrify An Chen with him behind her, using her as a shield. Shi Chen was the first to speak after the turn of events. “Let me and my family go or I will kill your wife and child” Xiao Chang looked at Jiang Chen who was speechless, making him take the command “Guards, on behalf on Lord Chen, I request you to stand down and let him leave so back away slowly”