Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 8

His eyes watched as the men one by one laid down their swords and soon he was the only one with a sword. “You too” Shi Chen yelled with anger in his voice and Xiao Chang dropped his sword like the others. Shi Chen slowly and calm walked past the men who did nothing else then following them with their eyes. Xiao Chang was the first and only who moved after him and followed him out of one room into the next one until the reached the throne hall. “This will be mine, soon enough” and a mighty thunder rolled in the sky with the rain falling more and more heavy. Jun Chen started crying again but the knife against An Chen made it impossible for her to take care of him. “Please lord, let me stop him from crying, I am sure that you are free to go now” She wanted to say more but Shi Chen just held the knife closer to her neck and yelled “Silence, you of all should know how your husband is” and then they walked out of the hall and walked out into the heavy rain which quickly ruined their clothes. A lightning crossed the sky with no thunder to follow and revealed the iris of a man, Xiao Chang. “Are you here to stop me?” Shi Chen yelled before the thunder made everything else silent. “No, I am here to return the empress and crown prince to my master and lord Jiang Chen”