Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 9

Shi Chen looked at him like he had seen death coming and yelled “No, you have come to kill me” and pushed to An Chen to make her move faster to the stables but the muddy ground made it hard for her to move in her clothes. Shi Chen’s face became more and more red and the rain made everything look even worse. A lightning crossed the sky again and thunder followed quickly which a heavy win that opened the gate to the palace. “The gods have allowed you to leave this place” Xiao Chang said to try clam down Shi Chen who just got even more furious and pushed even harder to An Chen who almost dropped Jun Chen. “Move now” Shi Chen yelled but An Chen could not move at all in the mud. “You are working with him, trying to stop me from escaping and make sure they capture me” He said before he slowly move the sword closer to the neck of An Chen.

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