Chapter 1 – Heir – Part 10

“Stop it, they has nothing to do with it, so let them go in peace, this is your final warning.” Xiao Chang yelled and Shi Chen face become even more red and he pushed the sword closer to An Chen’s neck. In a quick movement was Xiao Chang next to An Chen and used his left hand to cover her neck from the sword while using the other to push Shi Chen away but he was too wear from his wounded side to do much as Shi Chen just pushed him and An Chen away who landed in the muddy ground with a big splash. Jun Chen flew but Xiao Chang was quickly up to catch him before he broke down again in pain. “Take… Take… care of him” a almost gone voice asked in the rain and as Xiao Chang finally reach An Chen, she were just watching the sky while blood ran out and mixed with the muddy ground. “No, no, no, this is not happening… please let her live” he managed to say while Jun Chen started crying loud. “Take me instead” He yelled before the screams of Jun Chen got too loud for him to bear. “I am sorry, it was all my fault, little one” he said while holding Jun Chen into him and covering from the rain. Suddenly a horse whinny in the back and only a quick movement saved them both from the wrath of Shi Chen who had found a horse and was not ridding for the gate. Xiao Chang thought quickly and turned around with a force and throw a knife again Shi Chen as a last attempt to revenge An Chen and his mistakes but the knife only brush the check of Shi Chen. “You cannot hide who you are anymore” Xiao Chang yelled while Shi Chen kept going and disappeared out of sight while the rain continued to fall heavy. Finally some soldiers and guards appear in the stables and yard, but there were no sight of Jiang Chen. “What took you so long?” Xiao Chang half crying half yelling but no of the men answered him so he stood up with Jun Chen in his hand while his blouse became more and more red. He started to walk inside again becoming more and more slow for each step as the pain grew higher and higher inside. As he reached the throne hall, he finally meet Jiang Chen who was still broke about what happened with his brother and his face did not get better when he noticed only two had return. Xiao Chang fell on knees and handed over Jun Chen to Jiang Chen in silence who took him and held him into his chest while warming him with his clothes. “Arhhh” Xiao Chang yelled of pain before continuing “I am sorry my lord, I could only save one, the other is… is…” he felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up in tearful face of Jiang Chen. “Death in the yard” he managed to say before the pain almost took him out but he tried to stand firm. He took forward a new knife and pointed it as his wound in the side “I have failed you my lord” he said and pressed the knife against the wound but something held it away. “You have not failed me” Jiang Chen spoke with a sad voice which made it hard to know if he was angry or not. “You have saved more than any other of my men could have done, and you managed to block a strike from my own brother even you was told to wait out side, thank you for that so please no more blood today” Xiao Chang released the knife and wanted to stand but his injuries made him kiss the ground instead and the last he heard was “Help him…”

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