Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 1

20 years later, in a forest not far form the town Shinobe, the home of Ling Chang, the only child in the family of Chang. The sun was red as blood while it slowly raised in the horizon and its light gave life to many animals in the forest and all was at peace until it hit the face of Xiao Chang. He stood up form his position in the circle and watched over the other men who all looked at him nervously and with fear in their eyes. “My men” he started with deep strong voice “If I am going to die today, I would like to say it has been a honour training and fighting with you guys and before I go to my fight against the enemy in the circle of light not far from here, I would like you all to raise your cup for the emperor Jiang Chen and crown prince Jun Chen who have rule this kingdom in many great years” The men looked at him and some of the fear had disappeared from their eyes and they held up a cup “Ganbei” He yelled so loud that all the nearby birds flew as fast as they could away from the men. “Ganbei” the men yelled even louder back.