Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 2

He drank some of it and then held up his cup and threw the last drink the ground before he stood up and bowed to the men and the sun a last time. He looked at his men and picked his sword and started to walk against the circle of light which slowly became full of light in the sun. He stopped at the edge and looked over against the enemy soldiers who already was there on the other side. Three were on horses and if he not were mistaken, one of them was a girl or at least a very young woman. “Who would bring a girl to a fight like this and even less to an army” he thought for himself while he entered the ring and held the sword high before yelling “I, Xiao Chang, is ready for the fight against your lord as we agree less than 24 hours ago” his men started yelling wild and tried really to look fearsome even they knew that Xiao Chang could still lose the fight.