Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 3

The men on the other side split into two groups and in the opening a man appeared and started walking against the right while the men closed the gap again behind him. “I am ready to fight you too” he answered without revelling who he was but Xiao Chang could feel inside he knew the voice but he could not place it. They watched each other directly in the eyes while holding their hands on the swords and for a moment not a single sound was heard but as they pulled their sword and the first clank where here the men on the two sides went crazy. “Nice to see you again, your sword has not changed since last time” the unknown man started while they started walking around in the circle while figuring out how the ground was. “You know nothing about me” Xiao Chang yelled back but his eyes told otherwise. “Your eyes tells the truth” the other man continued and attacked but Xiao Chang blocked easily and they were back at they started. “Be quiet and I will kill you quickly” and almost before the words had left Xiao Chang’s mouth the other yelled back “You could not kill me last time”