Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 4

the reply made Xiao Chang lose focus as his started to think heavily about his opponent and it almost became fatal as in the next a sword flew through the air. Xiao Chang managed to block it in the last second but the hit was still too powerful to stop from reaching his neck. The pain awaken him again and he yelled “I don’t care of who you are and your mind games so lets fight” and the he press back the sword and soon lunched his own attack which hit the man near the shoulder but he did not mind the pain at all and only focused on getting ready for his own strike. The men around them started to become loud and the sky has also decided to cover the blood red sun with some dark clouds instead. Xiao Chang charged again but this time, the strike was too far off and the opponent was able to cut Xiao Chang in the leg. Xiao Chang started cursing of himself because even that the opponent had been quiet, he has still been able to control his mind. Xiao Chang closed his mind for a second to clean his mind but even that gave the other man chances and only a quick movement spared him from more cuts and injuries.