Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 5

“You are not getting away from here alive” the man said but Xiao Chang was just started and in the next he jumped out and his sword flew in the air and the man only just managed to take a step back to avoid it but Xiao Chang forced himself another yard and the man ended up taking his free hand to the face. Xiao Chang expected that to see blood and a man yelling of pain so he were almost already cheering with his men when a laugher started from the other man. “You have trained since our last meeting and when I heard that my weakling of an brother had made you, his most trusted general after all the damage you had done, I knew I had to find you first” he said before removing the mask that had hidden his true face and threw it on the muddy ground. Xiao Chang could feel the ice run down his back but tried to sound fearless and yelled back “Shi Chen, the emperor’s brother and a traitor of the kingdom, I will make you pay for every crime you have done your entire life” and then he attacked again and this time he hit Shi Chen and blood landed in the muddy ground and the dark clouds started to let rain fall.