Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 6

The men around them became all quiet as they all knew that only one was getting out that circle alive and there were not a single chance of one sparing the other. The rain continued to fall down in bigger and bigger drops, making the ground in the circle even more muddy but the two men was too focused on each other to care. “Thanks for the introduction, shall we continue our little fight or have you lost the spirit” Shi Chen finally said while covering the bleeding. “Ohh I am far from finished with you and I won’t stop until you are in two pieces” Xiao Chang replied and the attack again to seem fearless but this time the attack was blocked and Shi Chen force the swords back against Xiao Chang who sank a bit into the muddy ground before the swords reached his knee. “Arhhh” he screamed while trying to force the sword back against Shi Chen who had started laughing again. “Your screams has not changed a lot since we last meet… what? I cannot heard what you are saying” Xiao Chang had started to pray “Save my family, dear dragons” the prayer made Shi Chen laugh even louder before he removed his sword so Xiao Chang could escape the attack. “So you have gotten a family since our last meeting… luckily for you they won’t even know what hit them before it is too late” and then he nodded against a soldier who threw in two heads. Xiao Chang could feel the fear grow inside him when he watched it was the two men he had send to the town and the emperor’s palace in the middle of the night. “I caught those two sneaking past the river last night and thought they were yours so here they are” Shi Chen said while still laughing. “You… You will pay for that” Xiao Chang managed to reply while he managed to get free of the muddy ground and in the next he were up and charging against Shi Chen who looked surprised. In the next Shi Chen’s sword flew to the air and hit a branch a bit high up. The fear vanished as quickly from Xiao Chang’s face as it appeared at Shi Chen’s face.