Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 7

“Give me a sword” Shi Chen started yelling but not a single soldier in the ring moved neither the three on horse did. “Stupid men” he yelled and just as Xiao Chang was about to strike him down and turned around with a smaller sword in hand and quickly defended himself with it. “I knew you were cheating” Xiao Chang replied clearly with the upper hand in the fight. Blood started to appear all over Shi Chen’s body who know had a hard time defending himself. Suddenly a lightning ran over the sky and hit the tree with the sword in and the branch fell heavily to the ground and Shi Chen seemed saved but the branch landed right next to Xiao Chang who without much trouble remove the sword. He stood for a while thinking if he should give it back or not as he was not used being evil like Shi Chen. “Throw you knife out to the men and you can have your sword back” Xiao Chang yelled. “How can I know you are not going to trick me?” Shi Chen replied and Xiao Chang bend down and place the sword in the muddy ground before returned standing and walked away from it. “Because I have honour while you have none, take your sword now” Xiao Chang yelled and Shi Chen looked confused at him even he was a bit annoyed by the words about honour but accepted and threw his sword out to his men. He walked over to his sword and drew it from the ground “Let us finished this” and then he attacked like nothing had happen.