Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 8

They started dancing again but Shi Chen was hurt a lot from his time with the knife so he was slower than Xiao Chang. Xiao Chang lunched an attack but before he was could reach Shi Chen, he could feel a pain in his side. When he looked then Shi Chen has already managed to move behind him and strapped him in the same as many years ago. Xiao Chang fell to the ground with a scream and the fight seemed over but Shi Chen was not finished so instead of killing him, he jumped back while laughing “I am going to make you suffer once more like you did back in the day” The pain was unbearable for Xiao Chang who tried to stay standing as he could feel the worrying eyes from his men. Shi Chen attack again and this time he cut Xiao Chang above the chest so his screamed even louder than before. “Are you giving up” Shi Chen asked teasing while he jumped backing safety. Suddenly the rain stopped and Xiao Chang looked up in the sky while thinking “This is the end… I am not going to return to Ling Chang” and in the next he felt the edge of a sword once more. What happened next none of the men has expected as a bird had started to attack Shi Chen and drove him away from Xiao Chang who used the change to get standing. Just as he were up, the bird flew away from the still dancing Shi Chen and Xiao Chang attacked him without any sound to ruin the movement and he kicked the sword so hard from below that it flew up in the threes again and Xiao Chang expected it to return but some far more confusing happen. A man with the sword in his chest landed beside him and Xiao Chang got surprised but still raised his sword and yelled “Cheater” before he started to swing the sword against the head of even more confused Shi Chen. Just as the sword reach almost reached the head , he stopped the attack, not because he wanted but hand had suddenly died.