Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 9

He turned around to scream but it was too late, a rain of arrows flew thought the air and as he hit the ground he had five seating different place including the one in his shoulder. His mouth ran full of blood before he could scream and all he could do was watching the rain drops that has had started falling again hit his face while the screams from his men filled the forest. Suddenly Shi Chen’s face appears above him but even he is silenced by the arrows and he falls death to ground without a word. “This one is not death yet my brothers” a sweet voice said and the face of the girl who had been on the horse appeared just like Shi Chen had just before except she were very much alive. “Kill him like our father so the weaklings can go visit their gods” Xiao Chang tried to reply something but the blood in his mouth made it impossible. “I think he is trying to speak, brothers” she answer before Xiao Chang could feel a sword penetrate his chest. “Close your eyes and pray we won’t find your family in the town and please send our regards to our father as he was too weak to lead like our grandfather predicted”