Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 10

and slowly he felt his life run out while his tears and blood mixed with the rain.
In the meantime in the town Shinobe was Ling Chang awaking from her dreams and full of joy as the day was the day her father was coming home, so she almost jumped out of bed and ran out of the home and the town as they had agree to meet on a small hill with a tree not far from there. As she got there, she looked around to make sure no one was watching and when sure, she walked determent over to the tree and put her hand down a small opening of it and pulled out a beautiful sword. It was the family sword, her father Xiao Chang had given her it when he left last time because he thought it was time for her to have it. Her mother Lan Chang did not know, he had given her the sword as she was very careful with their only child, but she and her father had started training. Normally a girl her age would have been talking about marriage and stuff like that but her father had always wanted a boy so he had trained her even that it was against the norm.

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