Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 11

She started to swing the sword the ways her father had showed her months ago and now she had perfected it and were ready for new training. Back home the house was a mess as her mother Lan Chang had fainted doing breakfast leaving the servants all running around trying to clean up the mess while also taking care of her. As they finally got her back to bed, she opened her eyes and yelled “Xiao Chang” before going dark again. One of the servants started to look for Ling Chang but could not find her anywhere and in the next Lan Chang opened her eyes again and yelled “Ling Chang” which made the servant look even better for her and finally one of the servants remembered that she used to go on the hill outside the town. He left the house and started walking down the streets while looking calm at every man he meet as he did not want the town’s people to suspect a thing. The weather had also slowly turned from a lovely sunny morning to now a windy cloudy day. He reached the gates quiet easily as the town was not full of life yet and soon he had reached the hill where Ling Chang still were playing with her sword.

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