Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 12

“You have to return home” the servant said just as he reach the hill but Ling Chang did not care about what he said so she just continued her training because of the deal with her father. The servant looked as she continued before repeating with a bit stronger voice “You have to return home now” and this time Ling Chang looked at him and then replied with a firm “No” before returning to the training which made the servant go over his normal rules. “Your mother…” he started before Ling Chang broke in and replied “I am not going back home because of some bad weather when I have agreed to meet my father here” and then the rain started falling heavy there and even that the leafs on the tree covered them, they still got very wet. Ling Chang just continued her training like nothing had happened at all and the servant wanted to just grab her and take her away. “Your mother has…” and again Ling Chang broke in and answered “I do not care” which made the servant complete his sentence and continued “fainted and I am here because she calls for you and not because of some rain” As the words had left his mouth, Ling Chang had stop her training and the servant thought it was because of his words and was about to apologise for his pick of words when something happened.

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