Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 13

The sound was not too mistaken by the rain which started falling more heavy and soon the fear turned out to be true as an arrow hit just between them. The servant and Ling Chang looked at each other before another arrow hit not far from them and this time closer to Ling Chang. “We have to leave now, my lady” The servant spoke with hard words but the arrows had scared the soul out of Ling Chang who could not move at all. “Come here now” the servant yelled at her but she just stared like a doll and not even the rain could made her eyes close. A lightning crossed the sky and revealed more arrows coming their way and soon the little hill was almost covered in feathers from the arrows. A scream was heard and it woke up Ling Chang who looked at the servant but it was not him who had been hurt either. It were a woman who had been out of the town. The sight of the blood from her wounded leg made Ling Chang freeze again and the servant was ready but too slow. In the next an arrow penetrated the left leg of Ling Chang who broke down in screams, making it hard for the servant to take her but he managed and then he ran away with her as fast as he could. Arrows started flying against them and other people who were outside the gates who had come because of the screams. They reach the gate and just as he entered it with her on his shoulders, the gate were hit by three arrows and soldiers screaming outside was heard. The women who watched Ling Chang with her bloody leg started screaming or seat down to pray while the servant tried to come free of the masses that had appeared.

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