Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 14

The town was one big mess of people screaming so the servant could not get back or forward with Ling Chang so he decided to stop and look at her leg. “Sorry, but does it hurt when I do this my lady” and then he tried to remove the arrow which made Ling Chang scream of pain with tears almost bigger than the rain drops still falling. The servant pull his clothes in pierces as he knew they could not wait to they have reach home and then without warning he broke the arrow and pulled it out, making Ling Chang scream so loud that everything else silenced before all turned dark. “Don’t give up, my angel” Ling Chang heard a voice said and she looked around and the weather had become the sunniest weather. She got an eye on her father who was standing under the tree that they had agreed to meet and she were laying on the edge of the hill. “Father… I had a nightmare…” she replied with tears in her eyes and tried to stand up so she could run to him. “Don’t give up, my angel… I know it hurts” her father replied and in the same the pain in her leg returned and the tree had died with the weather also turning into rain again. “Father, I am scared” Ling Chang almost screamed of pain and mixed with horror when she noticed her father. “I know it hurts but don’t let it come in your way of doing great things” a corpse of her father and suddenly she were back in the town. “Wake up, WAKE UP” the servant voice yelling was the first in the mess of sounds that returned and when she looked around, she could see people laying everywhere who had been hit by arrows and in the rain she could hear soldiers being commanded. Ling Chang remembered her father’s words and with almost no care in the voice, she looked straight at the servant and replied “I am awaken” Just in time as the gate broke down and soldiers started running inside. The soldiers started searching the woman, laying on the ground with arrows pointing everywhere. “Help me up NOW” Ling Chang yelled at the servant who was still a bit surprised of her coldness and the broken gate. He took her and started running with her, but too late, the soldiers had seen them and started following the thought the streets. Suddenly the worst thing happen, the servant slipped on the muddy ground and fell with Ling Chang who tried to keep the pain inside but still screamed loud. Ling Chang was the first to stand again and she tried get the servant to stand too when she noticed the arrow in his back. “Go… Leave me… Go now, my lady” he said almost silenced by the rain. Ling Chang could feel the tears grow inside her and they grew bigger and bigger for each time, he pushed her away. “Leave me… my lady, get… home safely” and then the servant pushed a last time and she started moving the best she could with her leg hammering of pain and sash reach the door to her house, she heard the servant scream a last time.