Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 15

Ling Chang looked back and watched two soldiers coming closer and that the servant laid death on the muddy red ground. She turned back to the door and started hammering while screaming “Let me in” and in the next a servant opened the gate and pulled her inside the yard without knowing about her injury. Ling Chang screamed loud of pain and the servant almost drop her in fear when he noticed the blood. “Was… that me? My lady” he managed to say in the rain while a now awaken and confused Lan Chang appeared behind him. “No…” Ling Chang managed to say still screaming a bit of pain before her mother could react. Her mother looked at her, the injury and at the sword which Ling Chang had managed to transport back home too. “What happened my lotus?” the still confused Lan Chang managed to say. “An arrow hit me and the servant you sent to pick me up, took it out which made me dream about father” the word father made Lan Chang wake up from her confusion and she looked at her with big eyes. “Did you dream about him too”