Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 16

Ling Chang stopped screaming and looked at her mother confused “Yes, that was what I said” Her mother stood for a second and asked “Was he death in it?” Ling Chang could feel a pain grow inside her so she almost forgot her injury and her screaming stopped for good but she could feel her tears getting bigger and as she looked at her mother, she knew that her father was death. “Yes, he was” her voice almost died in the rain. Lan Chang looked at Ling Chang and her mouth opened but a heavy hammering on the gate stopped her sentence and instead she yelled “We are not giving up” and she heard the soldiers outside yell course words back. Ling Chang joined and yelled “My father is the general and he will come and beat you all” New sounds came from the outside and the hammering continued. Lan Chang looked at Ling Chang with seriously eyes and then spoke with a soft voice “We have to save you and warn the emperor” Ling Chang wanted to reply but the servants around her started going crazy.