Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 17

Ling Chang wanted to reply but the servants around her started going crazy. Lan Chang walked over and picked up the family sword and gave it to a servant. “Prepared the best horse” she said without looking away from the sword and as the servant disappeared from her side, she bend down to Ling Chang who was still on the ground with the blood red bandages around her leg. “Are you alright my lotus?” She replied while remove the bandages and a servant came with some new. Lan Chang did not know what to said but the tears started to run as she knew that her mother would not join her on the ride to the palace. “I… I… don’t… want to leave you” She managed to say while the tears ran faster and Lan Chang stopped her changing of bandages and took Ling Chang and held her close which for a moment made all the sounds disappear. The first sound that returned “I know… I know… my lotus” and then the rain came too. Lan Chang stopped her hugging and returned to the bandages. Ling Chang could see tears in her mothers eyes but was not sure if it were rain or real tears. The soldiers outside made more and more noise while a few screams also were heard.