Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 18

The bandages was more hard this time, that by the servant before but Ling Chang did not want to show the pain to her mother as they got tied. A servant appear but before he could say anything Lan Chang held a hand up and then she stood up before bending down and took up Ling Chang. “The horse is ready” The servant said as Ling Chang against her mother tried walking on her bad leg but the pain felt like hammers. They took it slow and as they reach the stables to get a bit cover from the rain Lan Chang looked at the servants “Leave us and prepare the gate” and the servants who had been preparing the horse ran out without a single word or look of fear. The sound of rain and the horse breathing was all that could be heard in the stables before Lan Chang took Ling Chang and put her on the horse. Lan Chang was the first to say something “I do not know if your father lives or not but you are the only one who can save more people from dying” Ling Chang could feel more tears come and wanted to say something but her mother put a finger on her mouth and continued “I am sorry that you have to do this alone but the horse cannot carry us both all the way to your emperor’s palace” She took a medallion off and hang it around the neck of Ling Chang. “Show this to everyone who stands in your way on the way to the palace” Ling Chang held up the medallion, it was the family dragon which had been the symbol of the family in ages.