Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 6

 Ling Chang did not know if she should be happy or sad as a feeling told her that the emperor’s brother was all behind this but before she could say anything a servant came running inside with a noodle soup for her and her belly rumbled loud again. “Thanks” she managed to say before the servant was all gone again. Normally she would care about things like that but today she were to hungry so started to fill her mouth with the lovely noodles. “How long since your last meal?” Jun Chen asked while almost laughing again of acting. “ 2 days I guess, the last I remember was you landing on me” the words made her set down her soup for a while, as she started searching for the medallion and got a trouble face as she could not find it anywhere. “Are you looking for this?” Jun Chen said while holding the medallion in the broken strap. Ling Chang took it quickly with out a word and returned to her noodles before it finally hit her to say something “Thanks for keeping it while I was out” He looked at her and wanted to know more but the doors opened and in came the emperor and Hui Wen.

Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 5

She tried to move but the pain in her chest grown so she decide to go back to sleep when suddenly her belly rumbled loud. The man who had been sleeping at her legs woke up laughing loud “Sorry, I know it is rude to laugh” he managed to say while still laughing which sounded so funny that Ling Chang started laughing too even that the pain tried to stop her. They stopped laughing and the man yelled “Guards” and before Ling Chang could say a word two guards entered the room. “Our guest has awaken so let Hui Wen and my father know… I also want you to bring us food as she sounds very hungry” the guards nodded and left the room in a hurry leaving the all alone in the room again. “That was the second important things, now for the most important thing, who are you? The man said and looked directly at Ling Chang who started to become more and more red in her face as she was far form used to talking to men around her age. Still the adventures so far had harden her and she returned his look and replied “I am Ling Chang, the emperor’s most trusted general was my father, Xiao Chang while my mother was a former concubine of the emperor” she held a break before continuing “I have never been at the palace before and after your commanding I think I am there now but who are you?” The young man could not stop laughing by her way to speak but replied “No need to call the emperor for the emperor as he is my father Jiang Chen and I am Jun Chen, the only heir to the throne if we don’t count my father’s brother but he is long gone so no worries about him.”

Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 4

Ling Chang opened her eyes and felt something heavy at her legs, making her want to scream but she managed to remember what had happen before her voice went loud and instead she started to look down at her bandages, they were not red and her pain was almost gone too. She looked farther down and noticed the course of the heavy was a stranger but he was fast asleep so she did not mind much. He looked good at what she could see from the evening sunlight