Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 20

But it was too late, the soldiers had found horses themselves and started following her thought the town now filled of death and smoke everywhere. “I have to get out” Ling Chang said to herself while moving the horse faster and faster until she reached the gate of the town. Enemy soldiers had blocked and started pointing at her as she got closer. “Get her” she heard some men yell but even with a bad leg, she could still handle the family horse and she speeded up and made the horse jump past the blockage and as the gate closed behind her, she were out in the open. She wanted to relax for a bit when her eye caught a girl at around her age on a horse too but before she got a closer look the woman yelled “Get her and bring her here now” and four soldiers started following her again. She quickly looked at the sun which was about to set to get a direction to go and then she made the horse go faster than before.