Chapter 2 – Bloody meeting – Part 21

The soldiers followed her and the day started to become night making it everything dark but Ling Chang knew the way better than the soldiers but still they were four against her alone. Suddenly an arrow flew thought the air and Ling Chang almost froze when she noticed it but she keep going and knew she had to find somewhere safe soon or the arrows would hit the horse or her somewhere worse than the leg like last time. Her eyes got sight on a forest and she knew that if she could reach it then they would not be able to use the arrows but just as she was about to turn against it, a laughter appeared behind her and only a quick movement made her avoid his grasp. The soldier was surprised by her movement but tried to grab out after her anyway, making her move quick again and this time she pulled the sword from the horse and without a nerve in her body she cut the throat. No scream were heard as it all had happened so fast and the blood disappeared just as quickly from the blade with the help of the rain and wind. Ling Chang turn around and the soldiers who followed her, did not seemed scared at all even they just had lost one and now there were only three left. An arrow flew thought the hair and Ling Chang turned around to avoid it, only to feel it playing her hair. She looked at forest again and this time no soldier was there to stop her from turning and she started to make way against the trees which had become darker and darker. Ling Chang looked behind to check if the soldiers was still following her and only two were left, giving her a short warning of what happened next. “Arhhh” she screamed as a man managed to grab her hair hard. “Let me go” she yelled next while trying to get free and still control the horse as the got closer to the forest. Ling Chang made the sword sing against the man but he was to of reach and the two remaining men started to slow down as they felt they had the upper hand now. Ling Chang got an idea and in the next she managed to cut of her hair with the sword, leaving the surprised solider with her black hair in his hands. Before he could try again, she turned around and this time there was nothing stopping her from attacking him and as he eyes closed she pulled out the sword from his belly again. She turned around to continue her travel but in the next a branch hit her and the horse hard. She tried to open her eyes but the pain had entered her body, making it impossible. She tried to move without but the muddy ground made seems like a river bed. A ice cold feeling ran down her back as she heard the remaining two soldiers laughing and appear fast on their horses. Splash it sad as the men stood off their horse and they walked over to Ling Chang who still tried to get up. “You won’t need this” a soldier said and she heard a sword that could only be her family sword get thrown though the air and before she could scream a soldier pulled her clothes in pieces. “Let… Me… Go…” she tried to say fearless but her body were shacking in the cold weather. “a beautiful medallion, you have… I better take that” a solider replied not caring about what she had tried to say. Suddenly a lots of birds started making sounds and the soldier who had been pulled her clothes in pieces had dropped her back into the mud. “Who is there?” The soliders yelled in mouth of each other, trying not to seem scared by the birds. No answer was heard and so Ling Chang tried to open her eyes again and this time she managed to get eyes on her attackers and her sword not far from them. “Let… me go” she tried with more force in her words this time and then she jumped up from the ground which surprised the soldiers but before she could attack she fell to the ground like the rain. “So it was you who made the little trick with the birds” a soldiers said laughing while he retuned to Ling Chang. Ling Chang almost no energy left and closed the eyes again, thinking about how she had failed her town and family by dying already after her mother’s great attempt of saving her. A small smile appeared at her cold face, at least she were going to meet them soon. Suddenly a splash not far from her was heard and a dry old voice yelled “Who owns this medallion” The soldiers turned again the noise and yelled “None of your business old man:” but the voice repeated “Who owns this medallion” and Ling Chang knew she had to use her last energy. “Mi… Mine” She managed to say from the muddy ground. She could feel the soliders release her from their gasps and by the sound of the muddy ground walked away from her and the horse. “We said, it was none of your business, old foul” The old man looked at Ling Chang who did her best to open her eyes to see the man. “Let me ask a last time, who owns this medallion” he said while looking directly at Ling Chang. Ling Chang feel a tiny bit of energy jump thought her body and she raised her body from the muddy ground and yelled with the last of her voice “It is my family medallion, the dragon who protects every one in need and it has been in my family for ages” before returning to the muddy ground with a big splash and she felt everything around her lose its meaning while turning noiseless and dark before the rain stopped giving her any feeling.

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