Chapter 3 – The old man – Part 2

The warmth from the fire and the cold from the rain made her body unfordable and she wanted to scream when she suddenly remembered that what had happen and even she was still alive there was no reason that her saviour was good or evil. She looked away from the fire and tried to figure out where she was so she could escape but the first object that caught her eye was the man seating against a tree on the other side of the fireplace with his horse right behind him and what worse, she could see her family medallion around his neck. “There is no chance that I can escape without that” she thought to herself while she tried to figure out what to do now but the pain from her body made hard to think and as rain kept hitting her, it just got worse and worse. “What would my father do” she thought while trying to forget the pain and remember the good things instead. She yawned “I cannot sleep…” she managed to think before suddenly her eyes closed again before she even noticed how tired she were. It was all dark but slowly the light started to come for each rain drop that hit her painful body.