Chapter 3 – The old man – Part 3

Suddenly all turned dark and the pain disappeared, leaving her alone in the darkness. “Help me” she tried yelling in the dark but the words just echoed between her and nowhere. She started walked against the place where the words returned from and noticed a gate very similar to the one back home. She looked around a for a minute but there were nothing else in the darkness so she decided to try opening and at first the light broke the darkness making her feel more safe until the door revealed that the light came from the town burning. She were almost hit by a burning piece of the door and as she looked up, she could see that the gate was burning up and she had to pick if she wanted the fire or the darkness. Just as she had decided the wood started following and she were now looking around in the burning town. She wanted to scream again but this time, a hand covered her mouth and as she tried to get free from it, more appeared and soon she was covered in hands so only her eyes and noise was free. “You did this to us” a mixed female and male voice said loud like it was inside her head as the hands had also covered her ears. “Who are you?” She thought while trying to find the person who spoke “I am everybody and I am nobody” the voice answer prompted. “Where are you?” She thought and not long after the voice replied “I am everywhere and I am nowhere” Ling Chang decide to try thinking without letting the voice know her next question before she was ready herself but the voice just continued “You cannot hide from me, no matter what you do or where you go” the voice said while slowly dying out and the hands disappeared one by one too until she was back at the fire place, in the rain.

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