Chapter 3 – The old man – Part 4

Ling Chang looked around not sure if she were still in dreamland or the real world even with the fireplace and rain. The old man behind the fire did not seem to have moved between her dreams but the rain was not as heavy anymore. “Are you awake?” A dry voice suddenly said giving Ling Chang a set and the movement made her entire body scram of pain. “Arhh” she yelled but before she finished the old man were at her side cover her mouth, making her want to scream even more because of the dream but the dry voice returned “sorry, but those people who followed you, might have friends searching for them or you” Ling Chang looked at the old man and their eyes connected for a second before the old man removed his hand and moved them to her neck. “I think this one is yours” and before Ling Chang could say something he had removed the medallion from his neck and started to give her it. She differed her pains and left up her head to make it easier to come on. “I know your dragon but guess you want to rest with all those injuries” Ling Chang liked his calmness and respect but with two dreams so fast after each other, she did not want more sleep so without think she just replied “No more sleep for me” in a hard voice.

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