Chapter 3 – The old man – Part 5

And in the next she found herself apologizing “Sorry I did not mean it that harsh” the old man just nodded in the last rain drops before seating down on the other side of the fireplace. “So what brings a Chang on the run from soldiers” he said with his normal dry voice and Ling Chang looked at him with big eyes and she wanted to run but her pain made it impossible and something told her that she had been death by now if he had not saved her and if she was supposed to be death then it would have happen a long time ago. “How do you know I am Chang?” She answered before replying his question “Shinobe is under attack or it were when I left the place” her thoughts of her parents and the remaining made it hard for her to talk of it. The old man was silent for a while before replying “I am sorry for your loses and I will help you revenge them when the time comes, but now you have to tell me everything you know that happened”

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