Chapter 3 – The old man – Part 6

Ling Chang looked at him as he had not answered her question on how he knew her without knowing her in person but she was starting to feel safe around him, so she started to tell her the story from the beginning of the day all the way to waking up the second time but she avoided the dreams. They were still too tough to talk about so instead she just pretended she had been sleeping the entire time. The man was silence for a while after the last words of her story had left her mouth and then he stood up with a quick movement. He looked at her before finally replying “Do you know how long you have been out?” Ling Chang just shake her heard slowly to prevent too much pain. “You have been sleeping for about 8 hours meaning we have to rush to the emperor to have a change of preparing them of what comes. By the way sorry, my name is Hui Wen, a former assassin to the emperor and grandmaster of Xiao Chang your father” He started walking over Ito his horse and slowly took it over to Ling Chang who still laid down on the ground.