Chapter 3 – The old man – Part 8

“Take them” a man yelled while more people arrived at the screen and soon there were so men that Ling Chang could not see Hui Wen. “He killed our men, so take good care of him” a man yelled before a scream was heard. It was Hui Wen who had started to defeat himself against the attackers. “I said take good care of him” the man repeated himself before pointing at the horse “Some one take care of that horse too and do not mind the girl… her injuries is doing our job” he said almost laughing, making Ling Chang try to spit in his face but he were to far so the drops just fell like rain drops. Another scream was heard and a few soldiers looked around and directly at the commander with scary eyes before he again forced them to attack Hui Wen. “Stop that man at once” he said not caring much about his men and their fear but his voice had barely died out before a new scream was heard. He pushed some men away and held his head down to lIng Chang who were still laying on the ground. The soldiers had killed the fire so she had started to clench teeth of cold, but the commander did not care much about her feelings. “Do you know the expression, if you want to do something properly, you have to do it yourself” the man sad with a cold eye on Ling Chang but before Ling Chang could answer the man he pulled her up from the ground and Ling Chang was about to scream of pain when she noticed his sword against her neck. Tears started to run down her checks and she fears it was the end of everything. “Stop resisting old foul or I will kill this beautiful young lady” He said in a hard voice leaving no doubt of his plans. Ling Chang could hear the fighting stop, making hear tears run even faster and it did not get any better when she could see walking closer to her and the man with soldiers ready to strike him down around him.