Chapter 3 – The old man – Part 9

Hui Wen walked past them like they were air and the commander started laughing loud and then he whispered into the ear of Ling Chang. “I lied” and slowly he started to made the sword come closer to her neck, making the medallion was the first to be hit and fall to the ground. The next was a drop of blood which ruined the perfect clean sword. Ling Chang closed her eyes awaiting her fate but the time stopped and when she opened them again she could see Hui Wen try to break free of the men and a blood drop hit the ground below her. Suddenly something awoke inside her and without knowing how she managed to escape the grasp of the commander and bend down to reach the family sword on the ground and penetrate the commander. The time started running again and the commander caught up some blood which hit Ling Chang right in the face which made her eyes white but instead of fainting, she turned against the soldiers who had captured Hui Wen and attacked them with such speed and power that they were all death before the first man hit the ground. She looked around for more enemies but they were all alone again. “Are you alright?” Hui Wen managed to ask after he had calmed down after her surprise attack but Ling Chang just pointed the sword at him like he was someone evil too. Suddenly her eyes turned normal again for a short while before she fell to the ground without a single sound, leaving the sword standing mighty while the blood mixed with the bloody ground. Hui Wen looked around to see if anyone had survived her attack before running against her and held his ear at her chest to figure out if she were still alive. A smile appeared on his face as he heard the heart beating normally but his eyes was scared as his mind was now fear what could happen if he trained her. He whistled and soon the horse was back at his side and he patted the horse gentle before he bended down to picked up Ling Chang, her sword and the medallion.

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