Chapter 3 – The old man – Part 11

In the nearby camp were soldiers was running around like mad men, taking down tents and other things. The only placer in the camp a bit quiet was the leaders tents but that was soon over. “My lord” a soldier yelled repeatedly while running closer and closer to the tents before entering one of them between two guards. “What?”a tired and annoyed voice yelled at the solider. “Ling Chang has managed to escape the men, we sent out after her… she got” The voice disappeared suddenly and the annoyed voice returned “You wasted my morning on telling me bad news?” Li Chen said still annoyed before he pulled out his sword from the neck of the soldier who fell to the ground. “Stop making so much noise” Mai Chen said from the bed. Li Chen looked at her and replied “Just go back to bed, I will handle this mess… Gaurds” the two soldiers outside the tent came running inside and stopped right the death soldier, they did their best not to show fear and just focus on Li Chen. “How many times do I need to tell you guys that I don’t want bad news in the morning?” The soldiers did not answer so Li Chen continued talking this time to the death man “See what happen to you because you did not follow my simple rules” Li Chen kicked to body and the blood hit the soldiers. Li Chen returned to the soldiers “Clean up this mess and if more people return, stop them or I will kill one of you too” the soldiers nodded and took the body before dragging it out leaving Li Chen and Mei Chen alone again. “Come back to bed, brother” a tired Mei Chen yelled from the bed and Li Chen walked back and kissed her before crawling in it. Soon the tent was quiet again and only Li Chen’s snoring was heard while the sun raised higher on the sky and the camp was get more and more empty.

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