Chapter 3 – The old man – Part 12

The sleeping mind of Li Chen quickly turned into a dream and soon he was surrounded by lots of beautiful young woman and he walked around between them and each of them stripped their loose clothes off and presented themselves to him like he was a God or mighty ruler. The dream pleased him so much that even in real life he smiled and kissed the air every time he kissed a girl in the dream. He was happy but the most perfect girl of them all was nowhere to be seen so he kept looking until his eyes finally caught her. His sister Mei Ling, who after his father’s death had been his alone and he only had to share her with their brother. “Your wish is my command” her sweet voice replied when she noticed him watching her. He got closer to her and kissed her like he had done with other girls but while they had been tasteless, she were tasting of honey so he just closed his eyes while kissing and playing her body. Suddenly something like rain started to fell on them and Li Chen stopped kissing for a while to figure out what or where it came from but the sky was just dark and the drops had no colour themselves. He returned to his kissing but quickly moved back as the honey taste had been replaced by blood and the former beautiful body had chance into a corpse. “What is the matter, brother. Don’t you love me anymore” Mei Chen voice pierced his head and Li Chen tried to cover his ears at no use. He looked around at the other girls who also turned into corpses one by one and soon he was the only one alive, but his dream was not over. He walked around trying to escape the mess when suddenly a new beautiful girl appears in the edge of his sight. “Is it you? Mei Chen” he yelled but no response. He walked slowly closer as he did his best not to hit the corpses on the ground.”Are you here to awaken me?” He yelled trying to make sense of it all and what to do to get away. Suddenly the girl disappeared and the rain drops turned into blood, making him almost puke by the taste in his mouth but before he had the chance, she reappeared and held a knife against his neck. “You killed my father, mother and town. Now you are going to pay for it” the voice said and he looked and knew it was Ling Chang, the girl who had escaped him, even he had never seen her before. Suddenly everything were gone and only he were all alone in the darkness. “I will kill you too and everyone who gets in the way” he yelled in the darkness and suddenly he were back in the tent where a loud thunder was heard. It had started to rain again and the tent were completely dark. He stood up and looked at Mei Chen who were still sleeping quietly in his bed. He felt the rage from his dream reappearing and he pulled his sword from its place before running out of the tent, into the rain while screaming loud. His words was silenced by another big thunder and the rain started falling even more heavy. The rain calmed him down a bit and he watched his soldiers looking at him like he were a mad man. “Back to work” he yelled and this time the thunder above could not quite him so the soldiers started running around like crazy. He walked back against the tent and stopped at the guards “Bring me, my brother and a map over the country so we can get this war started” he said gentle before going inside the tent.

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