Chapter 3 – The old man – Part 13

Not soon after brother Gang Chen appeared in the tent together with four men carrying a table with the map over the country. The Xion’s Islands, it said with big letters on the top, the country itself was two islands. One for the gods and one of the humans. Li Chen pointed at the capital Zhaomay and said “I take my army and attack the capital and emperor’s palace while you take the remaining army and attack the remaining country especially the towns Xudong, Quanwei and Mianhai so we don’t get attacked by some surprise army” Gang Chen was not as clever as his brother but he still knew what was important. “Sure, good idea” he said ironic before he continued “I don’t mind go do all the boring stuff when you get the capital but please let me have the honor of executing the emperor when the time comes, if our force manages to take him alive” Li Chen just smiled in response as he wanted to kill the emperor himself but if that was the way he had to make his brother take the boring things then sure why not. “Sure, but I want Ling Chang instead so if you see her, let her live but our spies tells that she is on the way to the emperor’s palace” Li Chen said while trying to sound true. “Why do you want this girl so much, my brother” Gang Chen replied curiously. Li Chen just looked at him and without a single breath he replied “She hunts my dreams” Gang Chen just nodded before bowing “As you wish brother, I will leave you now and attack the towns you pointed out” Gang Chen said. Li Chen bowed in return “Thank you, dear brother and good speed in your endeavors” and the brother left the tent together with the map, leaving Li Chen alone with Mei Chen again. Mei Chen raised herself from the bed and went over to kiss Li Chen before making sure they were all alone “Great idea of sending our brother away with a chance of him getting killed so it just become you and me” she whispered gentle in his ear before kissing him again. Li Chen did not reply but just kissed her back and soon they were back in the bed like before. Mei Chen kisses him again but Li Chen was still a bit nervous after his dream but the joy of having Mei Chen alone and having the power of the entire kingdom turned him on. He kissed her back and soon they started moaning gentle in the tent. Outside the tent were Gang Chen petting his horse while watching his generals dividing the army into two so he could complete his part of the plans. He thought about the plan and decided with himself that he would rush it so he could be back before his siblings would have conquered the palace. He walked away from the horse as he didn’t want to scare it and out to the field were the soldiers was running faster and faster. “Hurry up, we have no time to waste” he yelled loud and rough making sure that no one doubted his intent. A general ran over to him and bowed before replying “We are ready in 5mins so if you please, you can get on your horse and we will be ready by then” Gang Chen looked at the man with a smile before he nodded and walked back to horse which was already getting prepared for him. He mounted the horse and talked to it before he gentle made it walk out on the field. The soldiers stood ready just as the general had said who now were seating on a horse himself. Gang Chen looked over the soldiers and felt the power grown inside him. “Today we have gotten the mission of destroy every resistance from here to the harbour town Quanwei and I expect you all to do you best or get killed in the attempt. I know some of you will die but you will died for an important cause, remember that.” Gang Chen yelled loud to the men who returned with their own load screams. “Tonight we dinner at the palace of Quanwei” The men cheered once more and he turned around his horse and started to ride slowly away from the camp while the rain continued to fall heavy.

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