Chapter 3 – The old man – Part 14

In the mean time had the rain not reach Ling Chang and Hui Wen who was still travelling as fast as the horse could to hopefully reach the emperor’s castle before it were too late. They were travelling by common road as Hui Wen felt they could hide between the other people there if something unexpected happened and he normally it would be full of life but the past days rain had made a lot stay home so only the necessary people like farmers and shepherd. Ling Chang was still asleep so Hui Wen did not had to discuss his ideas with anyone but he had been on the road for so long that he had started to get used to talk to himself. “There are too few people here for us to be safe” he started speaking like the people around them were part of the mission. “Yes, there is but the other road is too far and this road leads straight to the main gate” a few who had been close to them stared weird at them before moving away as they did not want to be seen following a weirdo even he was going so fast. “If you go left now, you will only reach the wall and you never know how many soldiers who are guarding it now” he continued and was too focused on his discussion to noticed the three of the emperor soldiers who came ridding fast beside him. They were out of hearing distance when he finally noticed their mark and he knew he could not captured them with Ling Chang on his back. He slowed down as the horse was losing it energy and he needed it to carry them all the way to the palace or it would take way too long to reach there and then the enemy might have reach it before them. Suddenly a man yelled from behind “Are she alright?” Hui Wen was turned around and was about to yell at the man for minding his own business but noticed the blood running down from her clothes to the horse and down on the ground leaving a long a bloody trail. “Thanks, my good man” Hui Wen managed to say before he stood off the horse. He took the horse and walked over to a tree with shadow and a little pool of water which the horse quickly started drinking while he tried it gentle to the tree. He took the medallion, the sword and Ling Chang down from the horse, knowing very well about the thieves roaming the road. “Ling Chang” he said gentle while trying to wake her up but she were fast asleep and he was a bit worried about her condition after her rage. “Ling Chang” he tried again before he decide he had to take care of the wound, no matter if she were awaken or not so he slowly started to remove her clothes. Soon his eyes caught were the blood were coming from, it was a long cut from her breast all the way to the hip and even he had tried to cover it before, it had now started to leak. “Sorry, this is maybe going to hurt even you are fast asleep” he said calm to himself before he removed a bit of the bandages. “Arhhhh” Ling Chang woke up screaming so the nearby people all look directly at them and wondered what was going on in there but when they noticed the blood, they returned to their own business. “Sorry, I did not meant to hurt you but…” more did Hui Wen not managed to say before Ling Chang hell her hand at his mouth. “Stop talking and do it” She said with a hard voice and Hui Wen removed her hand and continued even that Ling Chang started screaming again while tears started to run down her checks. He started to replace the bandages but the screaming and tears made him stop for a break which even Ling Chang enjoyed. Suddenly Ling Chang caught the eye of a man who was walking against them with a little knife in his hand and she tried to say something but the pain made it impossible so Hui Wen did not get what she was trying to do until he heard the voice. “Give me your horse and no harm will be done to either of you, old man” Hui Wen pretended he did not he the man and started replace more of the bandages which made Ling Chang twist of pain and attempts of warning him as her voice was too focused on screaming of pain. “Are you deaf, old man?” The man tried a little louder than before while he got closer and closer to them. Hui Wen still did not move or focused on the man who was now only a few feet away from them. The man tried a last time to get any response from Hui Wen “Last chance, old man… Are you” he managed to say before his voice disappeared and Hui Wen stood up with a now bloody sword. “Did you really expect men, not hearing you yelling of me?” Hui Wen said while the man fell on his knees and looked around trying to grasp what had happened but it was too late and he fell to the ground death and slowly the blood started to mix with the road. Suddenly some new scream was heard and four men appeared in front of Hui Wen and tried to surround him. “You killed our friend, now you most died” the oldest of the four replied before Hui Wen had a chance of saying anything. Ling Chang tried to stand but the pain was still too great and even that Hui Wen had stopped touching her bandages and injuries, her voice was also gone. “Are you sure that this are fair teams?” Hui Wen said while looking directly at the oldest and not minding the three others who had started dancing around him while cleaning his sword with a quick movement. “I do not care what you think” the oldest replied and one of the men attack without any sound but Hui Wen had just stepped aside and with a quick cut had left the man without a hand or sword making him scream of pain, making the nearby watchers run walk a big path around them to make sure they did not get in the way. Hui Wen looked at the screaming man and pulled the sword once to finished him off. “That was my brother you silly old man” the older man said and nodded quickly to the two remaining men who attacked Hui Wen at the same time but Lang Chang had managed to move her leg and block the road of the guy to the left so he fell to ground leaving Hui Wen able to fight the other and finished them both off pretty easily leaving only the oldest left. Hui Wen cleaned his sword again and asked “I asked you before the fight, are you sure that this are fair teams? So let me try again? Are they?” The looked at Hui Wen with death in his eyes and suddenly a wind blew between them and the rain started falling. “I will leave you now and let you live, but know this. One day I will meet you again and then you will the one bleeding leaving the fight bleeding and death afterwards” Hui Wen just laughed and was about to attack the man but has he pulled his sword another powerful wind blew, making everything impossible to see and when it calmed down again the man was gone with the rain removing every trace of his existence. Hui Wen looked at Ling Chang who were still laying on the ground with half the bandages still not fixed. “This will hurt and it will only last until we reach the palace as we have wasted enough time here” and without waiting for confirmation he bed down to Ling Chang and fixed the bandages which made Ling Chang scream loudly but the rain and wind made it almost not noticeable. As he were done, he walked back with the sword and medallion to the horse and placed it in some pockets before returning to Ling Chang. He took her up while calming her down with a sweet dry voice “Sorry for the pain I gave you but as I said we have no time to waste anymore” He placed her gentle on the horse’s back who had becoming more fresh from the water and little break before searching the ground for objects that could reveal who they were and their attackers but nothing except the death bodies told the story. He looked a last time against the rain and place that the oldest of the attackers had standing but still no sign had appeared. He nodded to himself and mounted the horse before he made Ling Chang’s hands go around his belly and turned against her “Hold on, now we are going fast and I am not going to stop before we reach the gates of the emperor’s palace in Zhaomay” and before Ling Chang could reply anything the horse started running faster than it had done before and she had to held him even tighter. The wind and the water started to become one mighty force against them and the horse but the speed of the horse moved the forward and there was nothing to stop them. Back at the camp, the older man had appeared again and whispered to the death friends “I am sorry for your deaths but I will revenge you all, no matter what it will cost me, especially you my dear brother” and suddenly he were gone again leaving only the blood in the ground telling the story of the events that had taken place there.

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