Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 1

The gate and the walls surrounding Zhaomay were getting bigger and bigger for each step the horse took. Ling Chang had never been outside Shinobe before but her father Xiao Chang had told her many storied about the town while her mother had told of her time inside the palace as a concubine for the emperor. A few tears ran down her check as she thought of them but she smiled too because she had reached the completed her mother’s last request. “We are here” Hui Wen said and pointed at the gate. Since the attack on the stranger, there had been silence between them but the road had become more alive making up to their silence. The rain had stopped too and the sun had reappeared. “How is your belly?” Hui Wen asked suddenly and Ling Chang could feel it rumble a bit of hunger as it had been 2 and half day since her last meal because she did not have time for breakfast before the escape but the injuries had upper hand and every time the horse hit the ground, it all hurt like hell. “Just fine” she lied because she wanted to seem strong to Hui Wen after he had promised her to help her get revenge

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