Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 2

“Just a bit hungry now after not eating for days” She continued. The road was now full of people and the guards was working hard making sure that no one entered without the right papers. Hui Wen stopped and stepped of the horse before turning against Ling Chang “Stay here, while I go talk to the guards so we can get inside” and turned back and started to walk against the guards. Ling Chang watched as he walked without care about the other people in the queue and just pushed himself forward. “Excuse me, please good sir, excuse me” he said and most people did not care much but suddenly a man yelled “You have to wait like everyone else” and the man took a hard grip in Hui Wen who tried to walk on but the man was too strong. “I said you have to wait like everyone else” the man repeated with the same volume of voice. Hui Wen looked at him and nodded “I am sorry, but have to reach the emperor as I have very important news for him so please let me go” the man looked at Hui Wen before letting go. “Sure, why not but you still have to wait like everybody else” he yelled once more and the guards who was busy with the man in front of the line started to watch the two men. Hui Wen wanted to say something but the man continued “If you are such important to the emperor himself then why are you waiting in the line with us, Your Majesty” which made the nearby people laud of them and another man said “Yeah, would you like this apple” before throwing it against Hui Wen and Ling Chang could not make herself watch anymore but suddenly hiss between the people was heard and when she looked again Hui Wen had drawn his sword and cut the apple in half.

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