Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 3

The men stood speechless and the man who had thrown the apple even stopped breathing as he suddenly got nervous about what would happen next. The guards noticed the silence between the people and looked directly at Hui Wen who still had the sword pulled but slowly started pointing it back. “Now my dear friends, would you mind allowing me to reach the guards a bit quicker than before our little fight” Hui Wen said with a gentle but determent voice. The apple man just nodded gentle and the people who had watched the screen made an opening all the way to the guards who finally have understood what had happen. “We do not tolerate such tricks” the leader of the guards said with a firm voice while Hui Wen came closer to them while the line closed behind him. “I know you do not, but I have an urgent matter to the emperor and before you tell me to explain it to you, I cannot discuss the matter with you as you will know soon enough” The guard looked at him with eyes as firm as his voice “I do not care if you was the emperor’s lost brother back to conquer the world, you are not getting past here without giving me info or that the emperor demanding for you and since he is all the way at the palace there is no chance he will come down here for a little ant like yourself” Ling Chang could see as Hui Wen got more and more red in his face and suddenly she remembered the medallion and started searching for it in the pocket while hoping she would not be too late. In the meantime was Hui Wen looking at the guard leader directly in the eyes while opening the month a few times but no words left his month before a last time, he opened and almost yelled directly in the face of the guard. “Do you have any idea of who you are talking to?” He asked but before the guards had any chance of answering he answered himself. “I am Hui Wen, the grandmaster for the emperor himself and I am sure he is expecting me if he knew what info I hold, so for the last time, let me and my follower enter the town and palace now” The guards looked at each other for a second before the leader nodded and they all pulled their swords, making the surrounding people take a few steps back and talking loudly of who Hui Wen was and how he was going against all they knew. Back at the horse had Ling Chang found the medallion and she tried to get the attention of Hui Wen and the guards but the noise from the people around them made it impossible to get though. She yelled louder but it did not help at all as the people just taking it as screams for fight so they too started yelling. Ling Chang fell back on the horse back and rested for a bit but before she were ready to yell again, she got an idea, she had to get to them before the fight broke out. She took a deep breath and was about to step down from the horse when a loud yell from a nearby man scared the horse and in the progress made Ling Chang drop the medallion down on the ground. Ling Chang forgot all about her injuries or her surroundings and jumped down from the horse to get the medallion. In the next, the time almost stood still as she picked upon the medallion from the ground and was about to move her body against the fight when she felt a shadow above her and turned around only to see a horse rearing in front of her. The time started again and before Ling Chang could block and save herself the owner of the horse landed directly on top of her. She watched the man for a few seconds and his look made her heart beat run faster that rain on a stormy night. He tried to say something but their were no sound and her mind wanted to make her scream or move but instead of any her body filled with pain from the landing and the bandages became red as the evening sun before she blacked out. “Help her” the man yelled loud when he noticed the blood and his voice penetrated the mess and soon the guards and Hui Wen was at the screen. The leader of the guards caught the medallion in her hand and replied “Why did you not show us this?” And blamed Hui Wen while being busy bowing to the crown prince Jun Chen who were the stranger who had landed on Ling Chang. “I forgot all about it because of the important news I am bringing” Hui Wen said before bowing himself. Jun Chen looked at them “We do not have time for this, take her to my room in the palace and let us here what important news you bring”

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