Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 7

Ling Chang wakes up as the birds starts to sing out side and she already feels better from the night. She gets dressed and walks out of her room to enjoy the birds and the sun for a moment. She stands with closed eyes, just listening and relaxing until she hears so footsteps on the ground, making her turn against them and open her eyes. “Feeling better, my child?” Hui Wen calm voice responses when he notice that he had been spotted. Ling Chang just nods so he continues “We can go past the mason for your sculpture while getting the bread and meat for breakfast” still with a calm voice but the words makes Ling Chang lose a bit of joy but quickly replied with joy “Sure, sounds like a good idea” she replied trying to forget the past for a moment and together they walk out of the small garden and into the streets of Funanai which is already full of life even after the past events. They have gotten new management after Gang Chen has taken over the control of the town to make sure that the harbour is continuing its operations. Ling Chang wonder how people can be so calm in a time on unrest but she keeps the question to herself because she knows that people can be spies and one wrong word, they are all caught. They finally reach the mason and Hui Wen enters first to make sure that everything is alright while Ling Chang stays outside for a moment and watch the life going on.

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 6

Jun Chen was the first to calm down and lower his sword when he noticed Ling Chang just seating on the ground crying while covering her ears. He managed to calm down Hui Wen too and soon only the rain drops falling outside the house that were heard. Jun Chen removed Ling Chang’s hands from her ears and asked gentle “What happened?” And Ling Chang eyes light up with a confused look as she did not know if she wanted to tell them or not. She took a deep breath and cleaned her wet eyes before she with a firm voice said “This morning I heard a voice telling me that both of you were scared of me but I was not able to tell you, sorry… and just before you entered the room, the voice appeared again and this time I felt my mouth move but it was not me” She wanted to say more but Hui Wen, who had kneeled down, held a hand up to her mouth to quiet her down. “I am sorry, I should have known” Hui Wen said with a calm voice, making both Ling Chang and Jun Chen look at him with confused looks. Hui Wen looked down for a moment before meeting their graze and continued “When I lost my wife long ago, I experience the same as you Ling Chang and I went days going more and more crazy before Jiang Chen noticed that I did not do my job right and together we found out what was wrong.” Jun Chen was a bit proud of his father but the time and place made him just stay quiet. “I will take you to my friend, who is a mason to create a little statue that you can pray to every night and remember your parents by” Hui Wen ended and pulled forward a small sculpture of a woman who could only be his wife. Ling Chang wanted to say something but she kept the silence and before she knew it they were all back in their beds and she were looking out on the rain before her eyes close gentle.

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 5

They eat dinner in silence and afterwards is Jun Chen continuing his training while Hui Wen watches, leaving Ling Chang bored and alone, making her miss her parents but also gives her an idea. The sun goes down and they all decide to call it a night so soon two of the three are heard snoring, all is asleep except for Ling Chang who has waited for the chance. She looks out the windows and sees that the full moon is lighting everything just as she planned so she slowly gets out of her bed and walks to her clothes before taking them slow to make at little noise as possible while listening to the snoring sounds coming from Jun Chen and Hui Wen rooms besides hers. As she is almost dressed a voice appears “Are you sure that is a good idea?” Making Ling Chang pull her sword with such power she almost ruins her bandages and the pain is also unbearable, but when she looked around there was no one there. She worried for a moment that Hui Wen would wake up but the snoring continued like not had happen and she decide that the voice was just in her mind and nothing real. She made her hand place her hair again and started to lower the sword when a hand grasped around her and forced it upwards against her face before stopping right in front of her noise. “Are you sure, you wanna play?” The voice appear again and Ling Chang was about to scream when she noticed that the face on the sword was hers but not hers on the same time as it had moved doing the speaking and she had not even opened her mouth. She looked at the hand which had forced the sword to her face and it were just her own hand. “Am I turning crazy after all the events?” Ling Chang asked herself with voice to determent if the voice she heard was her own or a stranger and she felt relieved for a moment when it was not her voice before the fear inside her grew big because who was it then. She wanted to think more but the sword started moving closer while the voice started to laugh loudly. “Help me” Ling Chang tried to scream but something like hands covered her mouth but before they could cover the mouth totally she managed to bite which made the laugher stop and the sword fall to the ground. Ling Chang managed to look around before Jun Chen and Hui Wen both came running inside her room, yelling loudly so no-one understood what they said making Ling Chang fall to the ground while tears started to fall down her checks and outside the once full moon was covered by clouds, that also started raining.

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 4

NOT A PART OF NOVEL, I rewrote this part in part 5 as I did enjoy it when I was about to write part 5 so jump here instead

They eat the dinner in silence and slowly the sun were lower and lower on the sky before it turned evening and night. Ling Chang went to her room like the others did but she were not sleepy and still a bit angry at Hui Wen for not allowing her to train. The moonlight outside gave her an idea but she had to wait until she were certain than the others were asleep, luckily the rooms was next to each other so she soon she heard a snoring coming from Hui Wen’s room. She got dressed slowly as she expected to be alone at this time.

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Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 3

The sun light made her squint her eyes for a few seconds before she were ready to start training. She looked at Jun Chen who had not notice her present and watched his movements before doing the best to copy them and the action caught the eye of Jun Chen who tried to stop himself from laughing but couldn’t. “Sorry, never seen a girl train before” he said with a big smile on his face and Ling Chang was about to get angry at him for laughing but he stopped and started to place his hands on her hands. “You have to do like this” he said very seriously and force her arms more straight and with more power than before. Ling Chang nodded and he returned to his training and they started to train almost in harmony while the sun continued to shin and birds started to sing too. Ling Chang felt like she were in heaven and away for the terrors on earth for a moment when something grasped her hand and pulled the sword away from her. She opened her eyes and looked directly into the eyes of scared and furious eyes of Hui Wen who had returned home from the town with food. “Jun Chen, how can you make yourself train with her after all the damage she almost did only three days ago.” Ling Chang wanted her sword back so she moved her hands out after her but Hui Wen moved in a mix of too fast and too slow for her as she did not get it but instead the blade cutting herself deeply in her hands. “Look what you made me do, get some bandages” Hui Wen yelled loudly again at Jun Chen who did not have a chance to defend himself for his actions. “It hurts” Ling Chang said while grinding teeth and she felt the rage trying to control her but she managed to force it to stay away. “Sorry, my child didn’t mean to hurt you. But after you attack on us the other day, I am not sure I want to have you trained.” The sentence made the rage come closer but she focused and kept it at bay. Jun Chen came back from the house with some bandages and started to cover Ling Chang’s hands, and it relieved the pain and the rage making her able to focus on speaking. “Jun Chen did nothing wrong, I started training after watching him so do not be mad at him” She almost yelled and scared the birds, making some flew away while others only stopped singing. Hui Wen tried to calm down even he were being yelled at and thought fore a moment. “You cannot train with your latest injury so while it heal I will think if I should train you or not, now lets us eat” Hui Wen said with the most calm voice he could at this moment.

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Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 2

Ling Chang tried to smiled as at least something godhead happened doing her rage. Ling Chang wanted to talk more but Jun Chen started to leave the room again. “I need to focus on my sword skills as Hui Wen have show me a few tricks while you have slept” he said gentle as he reached the door which made Ling Chang look at him with big eyes which made him continued “Right, you have been asleep for 3 days and we only used the night to travel here” Ling Chang was about to yell but decides that nothing good would come out of it so continued eating her bread while smiling again like nothing wrong had happened and Jun Chen left the room. Ling Chang eat the bread and was a bit thirsty but decide to stay in bed and think about what had happened as the past week have been far more interesting that any day of her remains life and then there was also the voice which had appeared before Jun Chen appeared. The thought of the voice made her entire body shake by shivers, making her look around for her clothes and got the eye of it and her sword at a chair in the other end of the room. She walked slowly over to it and got dressed quickly to make sure that no one watched her naked and afterwards she picked up her sword before heading out to Jun Chen who were still training

Chapter 6 – A new home – Part 1

Ling Chang opened her eyes as the heat from the sun became too much for her and the first she noticed was that she were inside a house and there were no sight of either Hui Wen or Jun Chen. She decided to get out of the bed but an unknown voice appeared out of the blue “They are afraid of you, they are scared of you” and she decide to lay still in the bed while figuring out where her sword was. “You cannot hide for me as I am inside you… Some people say they have a guardian angel, most of them are lies but I am yours and you are mine” the voice continued “Who are you?” Ling Chang yelled loudly and the voice disappear just as Jun Chen came running inside the room with his sword pulled and ready to fight. “Who is who?” Jun Chen yelled but the room was empty except for him and Ling Chang. Ling Chang looked around but did not find the source of the voice so she decide to lie. “Sorry for scaring you, just an nightmare” Ling Chang said trying to sound calm and scared on the same time. Jun Chen lowed his sword and soon it was back in place. “What is the last you remember?” Jun Chen asked sounding very embarrassed about something. Ling Chang looked at him weird and started to play her hair when she felt the bandages, making her face turn sad. “I remember we were in my town and we talked about dragons before I found my parents but after that I don’t remember much” Ling Chang replied him with a voice of sorrow as she had an idea about what had happen. Jun Chen wanted to answer her but his tongue started twisting and no words came to him. “I did it again, didn’t I?” Ling Chang asked while looking directly at Jun Chen who managed to get control of himself and reply “Yes” and the tone made Ling Chang knew instantly what had happen. “I attacked you and Hui Wen, didn’t I?” Ling Chang asked trying to sound sad of the events even it were a bit hard when she did not remember doing it. Jun Chen did not answer but nodded before started to leave the room again. Ling Chang looked down in the bed as she was sad because of the bad things she had done. What was the point of helping people when the rage could also make her attack those she cared about Ling Chang thought to herself before her belly started to rumble. She wanted to yell to Jun Chen but he had already appeared in the door again with some bread and walked over to her. Ling Chang did not know what to say as she thought he had left the room because he were scared of her. “Here, thought you were hungry after sleeping the entire night with only breakfast yesterday” Jun Chen said with a calm voice and Ling Chang smiled a bit before she replied with a bit sad voice “Sorry for attacking you” Jun Chen looked at her bandages and replied “I am not sure what is wrong with you or how I can help but I will do anything I can and I am sure Hui Wen will too beside I am sorry for knocking you out” Ling Chang laughed a bit of his last part about knocking her out. “What about my parents?” Ling Chang managed to say while eating the bread. “We hurried them as we worried that you might rage if we didn’t do it” Jun Chen replied.

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Today I finished chapter 5 – Escape which was a bit different form the rest as when I started writing it, I noticed that I had not added any notes or ideas from it so was a bit worried if I could write it anyway but I am now done and ready to start chapter 6 – A new home. If you want to read or download entire chapters please go here, take care and stay safe always.

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Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 12

“All my fault” Jun Chen said without revealing how worried he were for a moment as he noticed that Ling Chang was not listening anyway. “How does it feel to be back?” Jun Chen said trying to break down the silence from Ling Chang. Ling Chang looked at him but did not say a word but the speed, she had been walking with had turned into a more normal pace as they walked past a broken dragon sculpture. “Is that not your family symbol?” Jun Chen said when he noticed the similarities and Ling Chang stopped before replying with a rough voice. “Yes, it is… It is one of the six dragons from our religion if you don’t remember” Jun Chen thought for a moment as he was not used to faith and religion and before he could answer her, Ling Chang continued without sounding rough anymore “Sorry, trying to focus my strength here and about the dragons then the stories tells that there is six dragons, one for each element in the world” Jun Chen just became more and more confused so Ling Chang stopped and sat at the ruins of the sculpture. “My town was the green dragon Mu, grandmaster of the nature because your father trusted my father very much. You have the leader of the dragons, earth dragon Tu. I am sure you father have given you a medallion too” Jun Chen stopped looking confused and opened his shirt and took out the medallion and right as Ling Chang had said it were an earth dragon which was seen by it being yellowish while hers were greenish. “Were are the other medallions?” Jun Chen asked Ling Chang who smiled for the first time in a while and replied “I don’t really know as it were your father’s idea of given them.” Hui Wen arrived at the place and had heard their talk about dragons. “I know, were one more is” and pulled forward a bluish medallion “I am carrying the dragon of water, Shui because of my many travels over sea and away from here. I know I could have showed it to the guards back when we tried to enter Kuzuyama but the events that had already happen clouded my mind” Hui Wen looked down as he said the last part. There were a moment of silence before Ling Chang said something “It is alright Hui Wen, by the way do you know who owns the remain ones?” But Hui Wen just shocked his head. “No, I do not… Now let us find a place to stay for the night as it doesn’t seem like there are anyone here” Ling Chang stood up quickly “My home is very private but don’t know what happened to it, but follow me” Hui Wen just nodded as he were still standing and Jun Chen stood upas quickly he could too. “Maybe I should go find some food while you check out the house as the darkness is coming fast” Hui Wen said and pointed at the sunset which had been hard to notice by all the houses in flames. “Good idea, I go with Ling Chang to find the house in case there are any bad guys left” Jun Chen said and Hui Wen just nodded before they spilt up. “We cannot go the easiest way there as that burning house is covering the way” Ling Chang said gentle before started to walk down another road. “Unless something happened to this road, then it is the fastest now” Ling Chang continued while Jun Chen just followed her. “Can you tell me more about those dragons?” Jun Chen asked without sounding too stupid, making Ling Chang light up a bit and smiled again “Did you not learn anything about them at the palace?” Ling Chang replied with a happy voice. Jun Chen tried not to sound embarrassed about himself so he answered “No, I…” more he did not manage to say before Ling Chang trust into laughter before stopping just as quickly when she noticed that Jun Chen’s head were turning red from more than the flames around them. “Sorry, I am not used to people not knowing the stories about the dragons” Ling Chang quickly said before Jun Chen just smiled back at her “It is alright, I am the crown price of this country and I don’t even know most basic things… my father… is a way better leader than me” Jun Chen said while his smile turn into a sad face again. Ling Chang tried to find the words but they would not appear on her tongue. “Let us go back to the dragons” Ling Chang suddenly said trying to sound happy again even his face still did not seem like it. Ling Chang nodded and started “I told you there were six dragons and we know my family have the nature dragon, your family have the earth dragon and Hui Wen’s family has the dragon of water… that leaves out the fire dragon Huo who might be a red medallion, the metal dragon Jin who might be a silver medallion and last my not least the void dragon Oryu who might have a purple medallion.” Ling Chang held a break to give Jun Chen a change to catch up with all the information. “Did you get all that?” Ling Chang asks a bit existed to tell more and Jun Chen smiles before nodding “Before I continue, I have a question for you… are you sure not seen you father give away those medallions?” Ling Chang asked once more a bit eager. “No, nothing in mind my rings a bell about medallions in that colours, beside I think it was before my time if your father and Hui Wen have gotten one as I have not seen Hui Wen my entire life but my father knew him and trusted him so I will too” Jun Chen replied calmly. Ling Chang wanted to say something back but her mouth stopped moving when her eyes caught something black hanging from the gate opening to her house. There was no doubt, it were burned bodies and not just any bodies, it were her parents Xiao Chang and Lan Chang or rather what was left of them. Jun Chen tried to hold Ling Chang hand but it just slipped out and before he could do more she were already at the legs of her parents trying to get them down. Jun Chen started to walk over to and tried to speak but before the first word could leave his mouth Ling Chang turned around and looked directly at him with the eyes of rages. “You… YOU… YOU DID THIS” Ling Chang yelled louder for each word and before Jun Chen had the change to calm her down, she pulled out her sword and held it over a small fire. “Stop, you know I did not do it” Jun Chen started but Ling Chang did not seem like she care or even heard him so he pulled his own sword too and prepared himself for the coming fight. “Do not do this Ling Chang” he tried again and her eyes became normal for less than a second when her name were said but the rage came back almost double in strength. Jun Chen was about to try again but without warning Ling Chang attacked and all Jun Chen could do was blocking the attack as he knew he had to calm her down and not kill her. “Where were Hui Wen when you needed him” he thought to himself while blocking the one attack after another. “You will pay for this” Ling Chang yelled loudly while not stopping her attacks. Jun Chen blocked and blocked “Ling Chang, it is me, Jun Chen” he tried to yell back and again the name made her rage disappear but it was far from enough, he had to find a way to knock her out without harming her too much. Suddenly from down the road, he could see Hui Wen walking with some food and a horse. “Hui Wen, Help me” he managed to yell before Ling Chang attacked again and this time it were almost ending in catastrophe as Ling Chang had managed to force a sword behind his and almost hit him but another sword blocked the attack. It were Hui Wen who had heard his help called and thrown all the food in an afford to help. “What happened?” Hui Wen managed to say while moving the sword form Ling Chang a way from him and Jun Chen. “I do not know, we were talking happily about the dragons when she caught the eye of the burned bodies over there” Jun Chen rambled while the fight continued but it was a bit more easy now when it was two against one. “I think those bodies are her parents, young foul… Now focus” Hui Wen said and Jun Chen nodded and replied “Of course” without a single ramble. Hui Wen looked at him for a moment before turning back at Ling Chang who tried to attack them once more. “Now” Hui Wen yelled and charged back at Ling Chang’s attacks blocking her ever move, given Jun Chen a change to move behind her.  “I cannot hold her much longer” Hui Wen said and in the same were Jun Chen knocking Ling Chang down from behind, making her fall to the ground like a small doll. “Good” Hui Wen said while cleaning his sweating face. “Now cut those parents down and burry them in case Ling Chang wakes up again soon.” Hui Wen continued. Jun Chen wanted to say something but Hui Wen was not done. “I know it will reveal we have been here but I am more worried what she will do if she wakes up and they still hang there while we are asleep” Jun Chen stopped trying to say a word and did what Hui Wen had told him too. As he were done, Hui Wen had prepared some food for the two of them. “Eat, we cannot stay here much longer, we have to get to Funanai before drawn” Jun Chen wanted to say something but just eat like he were told and soon they were on the way with Ling Chang on the horse. 

Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 11

It had turned evening when they finally reached Shinobe and not even the smoke in the horizon had made Ling Chang slow down if anything it had made her walk even faster. They reached the first burning house in the edge of Shinobe and only the sight of the dead people who were laying around it did Ling Chang finally stop. Tears started to run down her checks but before Jun Chen could reach her, she cleaned her eyes and focused on being strong so she started walking again. “Are you sure, she is alright?” Jun Chen asked Hui Wen who watched the lots of burning houses in the horizon. “I do not know, but we have to figure out what is happening to her and why she does not remember her battles, now hurry up and go after her and pray she don’t find any of her parents” Hui Wen said with slowly growing serious voice and Jun Chen was about to ask but Hui Wen stopped him “I said go” and Jun Chen turned around and started walking faster in attempt of capturing Ling Chang who already was almost out of sight. In the meantime had Ling Chang reach the centre of town and started to figure out what way would be the fastest way home as the normally way was blocked by a fallen house still full of flames. As she finally decide, a hand grab her hard and she were about to scream but kept it inside to show her strength, so in the next she turned around against the owner and pulled her sword only to stop it inches from Jun Chen who had finally had caught of with her. “Sorry” it flew out of Ling Chang while she quickly returned the sword to her place. Jun Chen took a deep breath as he knew he would have been death if she had completed the strike.

Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 10

Hui Wen looked at her a bit confused as this was the first time, she had not fainted before the fight was over  “What happened ton you?” He asked gentle and took her away from the death bodies while signalling to Jun Chen to finished the remaining soldiers to be sure they did not leave anyone alive. “What do you mean?” Jun Chen answered as they had escaped the area. Hui Wen looked at her with seriously eyes while trying to figure out if she were playing him or answering truthfully. “I mean, you are fighting and everything but now you cannot kill a soldier because you are worried if we are the bad guys” He answered gentle trying harder to figure out what happened. “I don’t remember killing anyone, but and don’t remember much from entering the house to some men tried to carry me away from the screen just before you told me to get the sword and medallion” she said while tears started to run down her checks and Hui Wen knew she was telling the truth. “Sorry, I just thought your father had trained you already” Hui Wen replied before removing the tears form her eyes. Jun Chen signalled him that he were done killing the soldier without breaking their talk and Hui Wen stood up before helping Ling Chang up too. “I won’t force you to do anything you don’t want but it might make it harder for me to help you revenge your family” Hui Wen said as they both stood up. “I know, but please try” Ling Chang said while almost starting crying again. Hui Wen thought for a moment before replying her “Maybe, first we need to get to Funanai or further if the town are destroyed and we cannot find my friends but you can show your strength by guiding us thought your former home Shinobe as we need to cross it to get to Funanai” Ling Chang looked at him with death serious eyes “Am I going home?” And  Hui Wen nodded slowly “Yes, for a moment you are but we cannot stay there very long as even if the town is more or less whole, too many people knows you but let us start the journey now before it gets too dark” Ling Chang did not know how to react so she just turned around and started walking against Shinobe, her home while she thought of the possibility of her seeing her parents death bodies. Jun Chen tried to take her hand to stop her but she just pulled it away and walked even faster which made Jun Chen and Hui Wen just walk behind her.

Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 9

Jun Chen attacked the soldier holding Ling Chang down which had to release her to able to defend himself against the attack while Hui Wen started to fight some of the other soldiers who also started attacking them. Ling Chang ran inside the house to get to cover but an arrow flew thought her hair and brushed her left ear, making the rage from the other fights return and with a quick movement she grasped her sword and return to the fight heading directly an the shooter who did not have a chance of defending himself. “Ahhh” he screamed loudly and flew to the ground. Hui Wen killed the next one but he was a skilled fighter so the soldier did not even scream as he were cut down from the back. “Kill the horses, so they cannot escape” a soldier yelled before Jun Chen cut him down in one strike but it was too late, two other soldiers threw some of the fire at the house which quickly started burning fast, making it impossible to save the horses. Ling Chang started laughing in front of the fire which scared both friends and foes, making the two soldiers who started the fire attack her at one time but she just looked at them with diabolic eyes and cut them down with one swing. “Kill them all” Hui Wen yelled to Jun Chang who just nodded before continuing the fight. Suddenly an explosion came from the house and Ling Chang’s family medallion flew thought the air and hit Ling Chang in the back of the head with such force she fell to the ground and before she had a chance to get back up her rage disappear and some nearby soldiers took the chance to capture her and started to carry her away while the medallion and sword stayed behind. Jun Chen was the first to notice what had happen after the explosion and his loss of focus made the nearby soldier cut him just above the elbow on his sword using hand, making him drop it and the soldier tried to capture him too but Hui Wen was already at the screen and killed the soldier “Focus, you have much to learn about fighting but now I want you to rescue Ling Chang before they get too far away” a bit angry Hui Wen said before handing him the sword. Jun Chen did not need many seconds to rest or think before he ran after Ling Chang and cut down the two soldiers just as Hui Wen cut the last remaining soldier. Jun Chen and Ling Chang looked at the mess they had made before Hui Wen voice cut thought their vacant stare “Get the sword and medallion if you still want them, Ling Chang… we leave at once” The command awoke Ling Chang and she ran over to the medallion and took it around her neck before picking up the sword. “Lets go” she said but Hui Wen moved at finger up to his mouth sending the signal for them to be silence before pointing at the dead soldiers. Ling Chang knew he wanted silence but did not understand the last part before Jun Chen forced his sword down inside the back of death soldier. Hui Wen wanted them to be sure that they were not leaving anyone with knowledge about their trip. Ling Chang started to walk around looking at the death soldiers but each of them looked death to her until she reach the last one. The man was bleeding from the mouth giving him no chance of screaming but there was still a chance for him to survive so she raised her sword like she had seen Jun Chen do and started to press down against the soldier but froze right at the edge of his belly. “Do it” Hui Wen signalled her but tears started to appear in her eyes instead as she could not make herself do anything without her rage. Jun Chen walked up and soon he were was next to her before he made his hands cover her hands. Without a word he started to push down the sword and the soldier did a few movements before laying perfectly still and Jun Chen pulled the sword out of him again which made Ling Chang brake the silence “We are not the bad guys, why are we doing things like this if we are not the bad guys” she yelled and scared the birds nearby away. Jun Chen did not say a word but just walked away from her while Hui Wen walked closer to them and with a surprisingly calm voice replied “You are right, my child. We are not the bad guys but if a single one of those men have heard out talk about were we are going, we are going to be in big trouble and then it does not matter much if we somehow gets to Funanai alive” Ling Chang looked down but the soldiers death face made her try to look on the grass but the blood had already change its colour, making her feel nausea.

The darkness

Year 2746 day 263

The world economy has crashed and there are only two classes of people, the super rich and powerful people in one end and the poor ad paid lowlife like Andy. Andy opened his eyes and quickly an ad started playing above his left air like any other day but today Andy was smiling to himself which had not happen often the 28 years of his ad paid lowlife. “Only 8 hours more of this madness” he thought to himself while an ad for painkiller played. “Today I am going to become free of the ads” he continued his thought while the ad tried to play something for him. He got dressed and eat some breakfast before heading for work so he could earn the last money for the laser job that would change his life. As he arrived to the subway station a few sexy girls stood next to him and even he tried his best not to watch them, ads for the breasts implants and sex toys started to cover his sight, making it almost impossible for him to see anything else. He managed to step on the train before it flew away but the girls was already laughing of him as they knew what had happen. He closed his eyes and the ads disappaired for a moment but even in the darkness, he were not alone. “Don’t do it” a red flaming text said and the text surprised him so much that he landed between the first girl big breasts. “Look what you are doing” she yelled loud and a police officer nearby started to walk against Andy. “Sorry” he manage to say before almost jumping off the train as he were at the office.

He walked inside the office and placed himself in front of his computer and started working while he tried figure out what ad would have such red text but just as he were working the best it suddenly happen again “Don’t do it” and this time his computer broke down. “Am I turning crazy?” he thought to himself and decide to leave the place before more events happening.

He walked around on the street before he suddenly got the idea of walking over to the laser job to get it done but the red text appeared again “Please don’t do it” and he fainted.

He opened his eyes and noticed that he were front of the laser place and decide to walk inside. A funny looking woman was greeting him and he smiled back. “I will be here, when you get out” she said, making him confused as there were still a few hours to his time for the laser job was there but a male in a white coat arrived before he could ask the woman any questions. “We have time for you now, Andy” and together, they walked inside the room with a big machine and bed. “Lay down on the bed with your head down and eyes closed. I will return when the job is done” the man said before leaving the room and Andy did as told.

He had not been laying for many seconds before he felt a warmth in his eyes. The warmth lasted a few seconds before disappearing just as quickly. “Open your eyes” the man said and Andy did as told and he started to look around but he all he could see were darkness. “Where? Where? Where?” he repeated and he felt the hands from the man on his shoulders. “did you really think that an ad paid lowlife like yourself would ever get the chance of being free?” the man said laughing and threw Andy to the ground. A woman voice appeared “You should have followed the text, now you can either roam the earth blind and die of hunger or kill yourself now” He felt an gun become placed in his hand and he could feel the hunger in his belly commanding him to do the only thing. He pointed the gun at his head and pulled the tricker.

Game Over!?

Written by Jesper Christiansen, 17 March 2020

Chapter 5 – Escape – Part 8

“I never become as good as my father” Jun Chen said with a rough voice before turning angry and cotinued “Why did you not find my father’s brother before all of this happened” his eyes ran full of tears but the heat from the fire made it impossible for them to appear. “I searched for him in many countries and twice as many years, I know it is not much but I am sorry and if we get the signs that your father lives, I will turn every rock to get chance to save him as he was my best friend” Hui Wen said with a broken voice while Ling Chang were still eating. With a quick movement did Jun Chen stand up and started to walk against the door of the house “I am going to bed, wake me up when we are continuing or it is my turn to gaurd” he said without turning around while not sounding happy or sad. Ling Chang wanted to stand up and said something but a hand held her down, making her turn around to yell of Hui Wen but the hand was not his. She started to scream as she watched Jun Chang picked up two sword and threw one to Hui Wen who in some quick movements was standing next to him and ready to fight