Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 7

Ling Chang almost choke on the noodles and only a quick hit in the back from Jun Chen made her breath again. The noodles flew out and a few landed in front of the emperor who looked down at them before bending down and picked it up. Hui Wen looked chocked at Ling Chang who almost tried to hide that the noodles was hers before the emperor smile and replied “You most be starving when I can follow a trace of noodles from the door to the bed you are in, Ling Chang” Ling Chang looked at him and wanted to say something and almost did before she remembered to swallow her food first. “I am sorry, my emperor… I ” more did she not manage to say before he held up a hand to silence her. “While you are here, I don’t want you to call me, my emperor, but rather Jiang Chen as your father and mother was very respected here and I am very sad to hear that they have left this world and travel to the Isle of Gods. Please allow me to give you the same respect as your parents even it is your first time here” Jiang Chen said with the sweetest voice Ling Chang had ever heard. She looked at him and could see tears had slowly started to run down his checks which made Ling Chang want to say something but no words left her mouth and she found the silence awkward and before she knew it, she were eating again. Hui Wen was the first to break the silence “I have told the emperor, your story that you told me when we meet and I am sorry I know this will be hard for you but we have to return to the past once more” Ling Chang looked up from the noodles and without any pressure replied “How do you want me to return to my past once more when I have already told you all I know?” She returned to her noodles and suddenly started to feel more sleepy that before she started. “What have you done to my food?” She managed to ask before dropping the last of the noodles on the ground which scared Jun Chen a bit as he did not know the plan. “If you hurt her, I will killed you” Jun Chen trying to hide his feelings for her but still enough for him to pull his sword and look directly at Hui Wen. “Sorry you had to see this Jun Chen, but rest assured I would never hurt Ling Chang and this is only so we can know who our enemy are” Hui Wen said with a calm voice looking directly at Ling Chang and not minding the sword at all. Jun Chen removed the sword and put it back in its palace before leaving the room. “Will it hurt?” Ling Chang managed to say while not any fear in her voice as she believed ever word of Hui Wen. Hui Wen started to gently and lovingly stroke his hand over her hair while she closed her eyes. “No, my child” he said before her eyes closed.