Chapter 4 – Emperor’s palace – Part 8

“I hereby calls for Oryu, the lady of the underworld to guide Ling Chang to the past of her parents so we can get a glimpse of our enemy” Hui Wen spoke with a deep voice, making Ling Chang opened her eyes again but she were not at the palace anymore. She were inside a forest and she watched the sun slowly raising but no she made shadow. A noise from men was heard and she walked against the sound and scared birds until she came to a circle of men. Suddenly a bird flew right against her, making her closed her eyes and cover her head with her arms. Nothing happened and she opened her eyes and noticed the bird was already past her and far way. She turned around again and watched the men yell louder and louder, making her interested in what was going on. Luckily there was a small opening between the men and she watched two men fight against each other when a sudden cold feeling flashed down her back. One of the fighters was her father and the fight was not going so well and she started cheering for him as she hoped that it would turn the match around. The rain started to fall but Ling Chang did not feel the water and yelled even louder when suddenly an arrow flew thought the air and more stared to follow, killing the men around her like flies. A young man she did not know went over and cut the thought of her father making her scream loud but to her surprise no one care or even noticed her. The army started to march on from the screen and Ling Chang knew it was on the way to attack the town now but a strange voice kept her at the screen. “Over here” it dry voice repeated over and over. She followed it until she were directly above the body of her father and she wanted to scream again when she noticed the his mouth was moving and saying the words. “It is good to see you, my little lotus flower” he suddenly said changing from the “Over here” he had repeated and she knew he were speaking to her even it was impossible,. “I am sorry that I did not get to meet you on the hill, but I will always be in your heart” he caught a bit blood before continuing “I know you have been sent here by my old master Hui Wen to find out who the enemy is” Ling Chang could feel tears growing in her eyes. “I do not care who the enemy is, I just want to be with you and mother” Ling Chang almost yelled of him. Xiao Chang’s arm moved gentle and slow up to her eyes and dried to first tears off before continuing “I know you want to be here, but trust me, you are more important alive” Ling Chang eyes started to run just as fast as the rain falling “I am sorry, lotus flower but time is running out and the enemies you are looking for are the Chen siblings, daughter and sons of Shi Chen, the emperor’s brother, I just fought who they killed together with me and my men…. Remember that when you wake up” and suddenly all went dark and Ling Chang wished to be staying but a voice appeared “Close your eyes and return to the land of living”. She wiped her tears and remembered her fathers words before closing her eyes as commanded. The voice returned just as she had closed them,”Opened them now” and she did but instead of being back at the palace, she were inside her mother’s bedroom and weird noise were coming from the bed together with screams. “No…. NO…. NOOOOOO, please stop” a voice yelled and she knew it were her mother, getting raped by a man. Ling Chang looked around and noticed a sword from the soldier and went over to pull it but her finger flew thought it like air. Once more tears started to run down her cheeks like it was not enough for her to see her father’s death. The screams from her mother made her try again and again to pull the sword from the ground and she had almost given up when a tear hit the sword, making a tiny metallic sound. In the next she grasped the sword by the handle and without much thought she penetrated the rapist, making her mother get a small shower form the blood. “I saved you mother” Ling Chang almost silence but the joy was short as in the next the house started burning and Ling Chang closed her eyes because of the heat. She wanted to scream in the heat but as fast as it came, it were gone and she opened her eyes again and noticed her mother standing in front of her with all her burn marks. “You was not supposed to see this and like your father said you are most more important alive than death so please leave and return to the earth again” her mother’s gentle voice spoke and the voice who had demanded her to close her eyes returned. She nodded to her mother and for a second she could she her father beside her mother, kissing her forehead before Ling Chang closed her eyes again. She opened her eyes and with a quick movement, she managed to get a sword from a guard who had been at the opening to the room. The movement had surprised Jiang Chen, Jun Chen and even Hui Wen who all stood with open mouth when she pointed the guard’s sword against them and yelled “Promise me that I am never going to be sent back like that again”, Hui Wen tried to say something, making her yell even louder “I said promise me, if not you can forget all about the enemies or whatever you sent me back to figure out” Hui Wen looked at Jun Chen and Jiang Chen before returning his eyes at Ling Chang before clearing his throat. “I promise, I mean we promise” and the others nodded in agreement. Ling Chang stood for a moment thinking if she should end her life and return to her parents or live the important life that they thought she had. She shocked her head and dropped the sword “I have the answer for the question and there is not one enemy but three, Mei Chen, Gang Chen and Li Chen, the kids of your later brother, my dear emperor” and just as the words had left her mouth, she feel to the ground in pain, barely missing the sword in progress.